Sundowner Caravan Hire FAQs

Q: What's the towing weight?
Q: Can I take this caravan off road?
Q: Will I need to get a brake controller for the caravan?
Q: Towing Capacity Expanda?
Q: Towing Capacity Starcraft?
Q: Is there an age limit?
Q: Are there any restrictions where I can take the caravan?
Q: Is Insurance included in the hire rates?
Q: Will my electrics work with the caravans?
Q: Does the caravan have a battery?
Q: Does the caravan have a fridge?
Q: Does the caravan have power?
Q: Do I need to supply cooking equipment?
Q: Does the caravan have a water tank?
Q: I have never used a caravan before, what do I need to know?
Q: When will I get my bond back?
Q: Do I have to clean the caravan before I return it?
Q: If I have any problems who do I contact?
Q: What if I want to stay longer than I have booked?

Sundowner Caravan Hire are based in
Perth Western Australia.

Sundowner specialise in the latest model caravans and teardrops.


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